The International School of Cambridge expects a 100% punctuality rate from each and every student. However, if a student is absent from school, the parent must call the school for each day they are away at 519-740-6855. It is important to call as soon as possible. Leave a message on the answering machine stating your child’s full name, grade, and the reason for his/her absence.

If you know ahead of time that your child will be away from school due to medical or dental appointments, then please call the school or send a note to your child’s teacher ahead of time. Children may be absent only in the event of illness, appointment, or other special circumstances. It must be noted that excessive or unnecessary absences from the school will be addressed to the parents by the principal. Parents should be aware of the fact that their child’s attendance is part of the Report Card that is placed in Ontario Student Record (OSR). OSR is a permanent record of a child’s academic achievements.

It is the policy of the International School of Cambridge that all students will require a written note from their parent/guardian for either lateness or absence explaining the reason. If and when a student is late, he/she is to sign-in at the office.

It is very important for parents to impress upon their children the need for punctuality. All students must be in their classrooms by 8:15 a.m. Habitual or chronic lateness will be viewed as a lack of respect for both the teacher and fellow students, as students entering the classroom late pose a distraction to everyone. Appropriate consequences will result in the event of chronic lateness.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

JK, SK, grade 1 and 2 children should be taken directly to their classrooms by 8:15 and picked up after school from the hall A at 3:15 p.m. Children from grades 3-8 may be dropped and picked up from the main lobby or front door of the school. Parents must be aware of the fact that the school does not have childcare arrangements after school hours and there is no supervision available after 3:30 pm.
During inclement weather conditions (rain/storm/extreme cold) the students from grade 1-6 can be picked up from the hallway.

The school assumes no responsibility for pick-up and drop-off arrangements. Please ensure that your child is well aware of the pick-up arrangement after school

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather (snowstorm, unsafe weather conditions, other) information for any school closure will be released by 7:00 AM of that day.

If there is no information, assume that the school is open and it is a regular school day.  Also, any school closure information is effective only for the day it is reported on, each day will have its own information and thus, information will be released accordingly.  To obtain this information please do the following:

.         Check our Twitter Account. Any notice of cancellation will be twitted. Click here to follow us on Twitter

·         The Tweet will also be displayed on our website

·         Check local radio and TV stations. This information would be available after 7:00 AM of that day.

Radio and Tv Listings



570  News


Oldies AM 1090


KOOL FM 105.3


DAVE FM 107.5


KICX FM 106.7


CKWR FM 98.5


Faith FM 94.3


CJOY Radio AM 1460 and FM 106.1



South Western Ontario

The Beat FM 91.5


The policy of the International School of Cambridge states:

If and when WRDSB closes its schools in and around Cambridge due to severe weather, the International School of Cambridge is closed.

Please note that it is parents’ responsibility to see if it is safe to send their children to school.  Regardless of the fact that schools are open and buses are running, if parents feel that conditions are not appropriate for their children to go to school, they have the right to keep their children at home.

Please do not hesitate to call the school at 519-740-6855 during regular schools, if you require further information.